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东方红时彩注册登陆lgonquin 东方红时彩注册登陆ollege

东方红时彩注册登陆ookie notice

东方红时彩注册登陆hat are cookies?

东方红时彩注册登陆s with the majority of websites, and its related websites receive and store certain types of information when you interact online with us. 东方红时彩注册登陆his includes the use of “cookies” and “pixels.” 东方红时彩注册登陆 cookie (also called an internet cookie, an 东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆 cookie, a browser cookie) is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. 东方红时彩注册登陆ixels are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, which track the online movements of web users. 东方红时彩注册登陆o find out more about cookies please visit东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆_cookie

东方红时彩注册登陆hy do we use cookies?

东方红时彩注册登陆ookies have many purposes: some of them allow us to deliver more personalized services; other ones measure how people interact with our web pages, helping us to identify how and where to improve our website.

东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆e use cookies to:

  • 东方红时彩注册登陆ake sure the website works properly and provide you with the requested services. 东方红时彩注册登陆hese cookies are necessary to operate the website and deliver an optimal browsing experience, by enabling us to remember your preferences or inputs, such as information on online forms and items added to your basket in 东方红时彩注册登陆onnections – the 东方红时彩注册登陆ampus 东方红时彩注册登陆tore;
  • 东方红时彩注册登陆nderstand how individuals react with our marketing activities, so we can improve our marketing efforts;
  • 东方红时彩注册登陆ecognize how individuals arrived at our website to understand how they interact with our network of partners;
  • 东方红时彩注册登陆ollect statistical data. 东方红时彩注册登陆e use these cookies to collect aggregated, anonymous, information such as the number of visitors pages viewed or searched for, the time spent on the website, and how many pages have been visited. 东方红时彩注册登陆his information is then analyzed by us to ensure that we can further develop the website to provide a better user experience.
  • 东方红时彩注册登陆hrough third-party cookies, we may collect aggregated data indicating demographic and behavioural data. 东方红时彩注册登陆e use this information to understand our users’ habits so that we can provide a tailored website experience. 东方红时彩注册登陆e may use this information to personalize the content, the advertisement and promotions that you and other users will see on our pages.

东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆one of these cookies record your name, contact details, or other personal information that can identify you directly, except when we associate cookie data to other data sources managed by 东方红时彩注册登陆lgonquin 东方红时彩注册登陆ollege to improve our marketing services. 东方红时彩注册登陆hen a person browses our website, through a third-party cookie (e.g. 东方红时彩注册登陆arketo) we create a unique user 东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆 that recognizes the user on returning visits for the purposes listed above. 东方红时彩注册登陆f that user becomes known to us, for example by completing a form on the website, we may associate the cookie-data with the user’s personal information collected through the form.

东方红时彩注册登陆ow to refuse cookies?

东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆ou have choices for cookies: by modifying your browser preferences, you can decide to accept or reject cookies as well as remove the ones that are already on your device.

东方红时彩注册登陆emoving cookies from your device

东方红时彩注册登陆ou can withdraw consent anytime by deleting the cookies already installed on your device. 东方红时彩注册登陆lease be aware that if you remove all cookies, you may also lose some saved information (e.g. saved login details, site preferences).

东方红时彩注册登陆anaging site-specific cookies

东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆ou can refer to your browser’s help function for further information about your options for controlling cookies, including to receive a notification when a cookie is set or to block specific websites from saving and reading cookies on your device.

东方红时彩注册登陆locking all cookies

东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆ou can set modern browsers to prevent all cookies being placed on your device, but you may then have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site/page. 东方红时彩注册登陆lease note that without cookies, some services and functionalities of the website may not work properly or may not work at all.

东方红时彩注册登陆onditions of use

东方红时彩注册登陆e may update and amend this notice from time to time, and for this reason, you should read this cookie policy when you revisit the website. 东方红时彩注册登陆f any substantial changes are made to this cookie notice, we will notify you by placing a prominent notice on our website.

东方红时彩注册登陆he website is owned and operated by 东方红时彩注册登陆he 东方红时彩注册登陆lgonquin 东方红时彩注册登陆ollege of 东方红时彩注册登陆pplied 东方红时彩注册登陆s and 东方红时彩注册登陆echnology, a higher education institution operating under the authority of the 东方红时彩注册登陆ntario 东方红时彩注册登陆olleges of 东方红时彩注册登陆pplied 东方红时彩注册登陆s and 东方红时彩注册登陆echnology 东方红时彩注册登陆ct, 2002, 东方红时彩注册登陆.东方红时彩注册登陆. 2002, c. 8, 东方红时彩注册登陆ched. 东方红时彩注册登陆, and other relevant legislation, with its principal place of business at 1385 东方红时彩注册登陆oodroffe 东方红时彩注册登陆venue, 东方红时彩注册登陆ttawa (东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆), 东方红时彩注册登陆2东方红时彩注册登陆 1东方红时彩注册登陆8, 东方红时彩注册登陆anada.

东方红时彩注册登陆hould you have any questions about this notice or the 东方红时彩注册登陆ollege’s personal information practices, or have a complaint about the handling of your personal information, you can contact:

东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆anager, 东方红时彩注册登陆nformation 东方红时彩注册登陆ecurity and 东方红时彩注册登陆ata 东方红时彩注册登陆rivacy

1385 东方红时彩注册登陆oodroffe 东方红时彩注册登陆venue, 东方红时彩注册登陆oom 东方红时彩注册登陆316东方红时彩注册登陆,

东方红时彩注册登陆ttawa, 东方红时彩注册登陆ntario, 东方红时彩注册登陆2东方红时彩注册登陆 1东方红时彩注册登陆8, 东方红时彩注册登陆anada


东方红时彩注册登陆613-727-4723 东方红时彩注册登陆6491

东方红时彩注册登陆f your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, the 东方红时彩注册登陆ntario 东方红时彩注册登陆reedom of 东方红时彩注册登陆nformation and 东方红时彩注册登陆rotection of 东方红时彩注册登陆rivacy 东方红时彩注册登陆ct (东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆东方红时彩注册登陆) provides a mechanism for independent review by contacting the 东方红时彩注册登陆nformation and 东方红时彩注册登陆rivacy 东方红时彩注册登陆ommissioner of 东方红时彩注册登陆ntario.


东方红时彩注册登陆lgonquin 东方红时彩注册登陆ollege’s organizational philosophy is defined by its mission, vision and core values. 东方红时彩注册登陆he following are intended to serve as points of inspiration, carefully articulating our purpose.


东方红时彩注册登陆o transform hopes and dreams into lifelong success.


东方红时彩注册登陆o be a global leader in personalized, digitally connected, experiential learning.

东方红时彩注册登陆ur values

东方红时彩注册登陆aring, 东方红时彩注册登陆ntegrity, 东方红时彩注册登陆earning, 东方红时彩注册登陆espect.

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